Native Candles

Native is a candle brand designed to take you back to where your memories first began - to quench the thirst and longing for familiar. The sense of smell is the strongest memory keeper. Think about it. The moment you walk into your childhood home or favorite college hangout, your mind is flooded with the times you spent there even if they were years ago. 


The design of the Native candle packaging is simple but intentional. The individual packaging that protects the wax and the wick are based on multi sensory cartographic maps that take location, time, temperature and most importantly scents into account. The scent of each candle is based on specific locations submitted by Native’s followers and influencers. 


Photography by Michael West • Native Candle wraps printed using a Mimaki Flatbead UV Printer and printed on French Paper 70T in Timber Green, Tangy Orange and Wine


Photography by Genel Lynn Rivera and various artists



Native Candles was also born out of the challenge to tell the story of Max in Where the Wild Things Are. Max returns to his bedroom out of a longing for his home and his family. Seeing this action in Max prompted me to delve into the idea of longing and the familiar. With the knowledge of the sense of smell being the strongest memory keeper, Native was born.