In the book of Genesis, three men walked with God but God always walked with his people. This is demonstrated most predominantly through the generations of Abraham and his journey from Ur to Egypt.

“Enoch walked with God” 5:24

“Noah walked with God” 6:9

“Abraham walked with God” 17:1

“walked with God” - a steady continuance in the well-doing and life spent in the immediate presence and constant communion of God

“halak” - hebrew word used for walk in this context; has 70+ meanings in the hebrew language

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Photography by Michael West • Genesis cover printed on Neenah Classic Stipple Folding Board in Epic Black, Genesis pages printed on inkjet vellum



Typesetting Genesis meant working with one of the largest and most nuanced texts I will ever work with. It also meant that the type needed to live, to be real, to walk. My process included listening to Genesis all the way through twice, a lot of self reflection and sketching. I finally landed on the story of Abraham and his walk with God and how his story demonstrates God’s walking with his people. The lines of text show the topography and mapping of Abraham’s life and allude to the faithfulness of God through the generations of Abraham. 

Setting the entirety of this text took over 72 total hours. Each text line was hand drawn and set. The text is set in 6.5pt Bodoni Book weight. The paper is a heavy vellum and the covers are Neenah Classic Stipple Folding Board in Epic Black. The book was printed through a combination of UV and ink jet printing and hand bound.