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Hatchet Whiskey is a whiskey with which to make peace.

This libation was designed to be shared with someone to “bury the hatchet.”  Bury the hatchet is a phrase that came from the history from the Iroquois people. In 1776, the Continental Congress appointed George Morgan the first Indian agent to promote peace with Indian nations. Congressional President John Hancock told Morgan to follow the custom of the Iroquois  to invite Indians to the first U.S.-Indian Peace Treaty. This historic Washington Covenant belt was given to the chiefs and clan mothers at the Treaty of Fort Stanwix in 1784 as a promise of peace. As in the Peacemaker legend, the war hatchet was buried beneath the Tree of Peace and prayers of peace were offered through the sacred pipe.

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Photography by Michael West • Hatchet label printed on Neenah Classic Woodgrain 80C Natural White



Oddly enough Hatchet Whiskey was dreamt up after reading Where the Wild Things Are. In class were challenged to tell the story of Max in Where the Wild Things Are two different ways. Hatchet was one of these projects. Towards the end of the book the protagonist, Max, makes peace with his mother who had punished him to his room. She too had sought forgiveness with her son by leaving him dinner (still hot!) when he returned from Where the Wild Things Are.

This idea of mutual forgiveness prompted my exploration into the phrase “bury the hatchet” and thus the Hatchet Whiskey brand was born.