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Enso Chair

Taking from the Constructivist ideal of designing and creating for others, the Enso Rocking Chair is designed with an outward and listening perspective in mind.

The Enso Rocking Chair is about looking outside of oneself, it's about seeking good and true habits, it's about balance and finally, it is about resting in the beauty of imperfection.

The rocking chair form is intentional: one cannot work or busy themselves in a rocking chair, you must look out and be present in your surroundings.

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The rocking rails are intentional: based on the practice of painting Enso rings the rails are not perfect circles but are beautiful and perfectly functional.

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The choice of wood is intentional: Redwood Cedar is an extremely soft wood that wears overtime. Resting in the beauty of imperfection is habit and these habits shape us overtime; just as the wood of the chair will be shaped by the habit of sitting in it.

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Pulling from the selfless attitude of Russian Constructivism and my own experience of perfection and failure, I found this lovely intersection of enso and habit. Much of the process for this project relied on personal discussions with close friends and mentors. It also involved many different form models to discover what the principles of harmony and form truly meant.

“Beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity”